Thursday, November 15, 2007

walking around the city

So, we've been taking it easy these last couple of days- just resting and getting used to our surroundings. We did make a trip a few blocks over to midtown, to take a look at the tree in Rockefeller Center. Since we won't have room for a real tree in our apartment, I'll just have to take multiple trips over to check out this very large tree! We also went to the MOMA Design Store, a few times, to pick up some MUJI containers and cd sleeves. Their design products are really nice, and since we have such a small space, we have decided to surround ourselves only with nice looking items. The cashier told us that MUJI is going to be opening its flagship store in SOHO on Friday!
In other errands, we tried to go get New York driver's licenses. Apparently you need your social security card, a passport, and your out of state license to do that. And, I have managed to misplace Zach's card in our move. So, that meant that we got to take a super fun trip to the social security office!
I was really hoping that in our free time before Zach started work that we would get to take in a play or go check out a taping of a show. However, with both the writers and the Broadway stage hands striking, it looks like it will be a while before we have the opportunity to do either of those things. I do feel bad for the people that are visiting to see shows, that would be such a disappointing part of a trip.
Zach started work today, so its back to the real world for him.

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John said...

Hey New Yorkers! glad to hear the move went well! I was wondering what are both of your current email address? (i seem to only have your old work emails) I hope the new job and the job hunt, the unpacking, the obtaining of new id's, transitioning of cats to their new home etc etc etc is going well. we'll have to chat sometime soon, if you guys aren't too busy being new yorkers! later!