Tuesday, November 13, 2007

U-Haul Not My-Haul

Now that we are finished unloading the truck it’s time to get rid of this thing. When we picked up the U-Haul in Richmond we got a number from the U-Haul guy telling us to call this number when we got to NY to find out where the closest place to return it was. Of course, we already knew where the closest U-Haul place was, there was no need to call. He told us it would be a good idea anyway, and there was something weird about the way he said it, as if he were tapping his fingers together wickedly and snickering. We had planned on taking it back to the U-Haul rental place on 50th street. However, we decided to call the U-Haul number just incase. To our disappointment and to confirm our suspicions in the comment made by the previous U-Haul guy, that drop off place was full and was not going to take anymore trucks. We would have to drive our truck to Brooklyn or The Bronx!!! We refused to believe this and decided to drive by the one on 50th and were determined that they would take our truck. Nope. Jennifer begged the guy, and the guy genuinely wanted to help us out but it was simply impossible for him to fit anymore trucks. He gave us directions to the U-Haul place in The Bronx which was apparently the easiest to get to. So, between his directions, and Jennifer on the phone with her dad who was tracking us on Google, we were able to navigate through the upper west side and across the 145th Street bridge to The Bronx. I think this trek, in a U-Haul truck, should qualify me automatically for a New York driver’s license. Anyway, after a long day, we took the subway back and began the arduous task of unpacking.

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