Saturday, September 18, 2010

push the little daisies [ween concert]

last night we went to see ween play at a central park summerstage concert. it was the best concert i've ever been to - the venue is a fantastic size, the weather was perfect, and the volume was just right! on the walk to the concert zach saw madonna filming a movie. I was waiting for him at the concert, so I did not see her. :(
there were bleachers in the back which we sat on. apparently we are officially boring. side note - the bleachers were fantastic. no pushy people, could see just fine, and feet weren't tired. oh well, maybe being boring isn't such a bad thing.
by the way - lots of update posts today. i'm trying to fill in some gaps.

cubitec inspection

We got some new cubitec shelving units for the kitchen along with some floating bookshelves from umbra. The cats find inspection of all apartment items to be one of their duties. Fortunately Winnie cannot jump high on her own (we put her on top of the shelf for the photo).

down in africa

Zach has been to Africa for work twice this spring. While most of the time he is working, he did have the chance to go to a game preserve. Here is some of the wildlife.
This kitty is bigger than the ones in our apartment!
I always think hippos are neat looking. Important hippo fact- they are mean.


In March, our friend Tim gave us tickets to a Yankees game in the new Yankees staduim. The game was after work, we took the subway up to the Bronx for the adventure. We arrived around the third inning and stayed through the eighth. Overall, that was a perfect amount of baseball for me! The game was fun, the seats were great, the food was expensive!