Sunday, January 25, 2009

brunch in williamsburg

this morning we met some friends for brunch in williamsburg at moto.  the place is very cute- full of neat little industial fixtures.  
 while waiting, we had americanos- which were fantastic.  zach had the ham and cheese eggs, and i had the house eggs with tomato sauce.  they were both really good.   we rarely go to this part of brooklyn because it is really a pain to get there from park slope.  although it is less than 4 miles away by car- our train trip took over 45 minutes!  we had to take the R train into manhattan and transfer to the J train at canal street- to head back over the williamsburg bridge into brooklyn again!  it is so odd that it should be so difficult to get somewhere that is really so close.  we could take a car service- but we are cheapos.  :)   

art opening

Thursday evening after work I went to a gallery in Chelsea to an opening for Leah, a friend of ours.  The show is at the Foley Gallery on West 27th Street- in one of those buildings that is full of galleries.  That evening was the opening for all of the galleries in the building- so the whole place was jam packed with people.  The show was really nice, Leah did a very good job.  Leah's pen and ink below was in the lobby of the building.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a dot of snow

on saturday, we had just a dusting of snow.  (it ended up being very slippery ice in the morning.)  dot enjoyed watching all of the action out the window.  now she is looking at me to figure out why i am bothering her.    zach and i decided to walk up to the greenmarket, as is our typical saturday routine.  everything in park slope was covered in just a bit of snow.   i know i talk about snow a lot- but it really is one of my favorite things.   we also decided to walk through prospect park, just to enjoy the weather.  the park was lively as usual, with a few groups of people playing football.  (this photo does not show people, however.)

a dash of silly

the cats are so silly.  i have a little bin in the bathroom with spare towels and extra rolls of toilet paper.  dash thinks that it is a very soft place to sleep!  the problem however, is that when he moves around- he claws the toilet paper.  (the other problem is the cat hair- but that is a problem everywhere, not just the bathroom.)
he is such a happy kitty sleeping on the towels- that i almost hate to move him! 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the met

on friday we went to the metropolitan museum of art (the met) to spend the afternoon.  it seems that a lot of other people had that idea as well.  the lobby and coat check were totally jam packed, but the exhibits weren't too crowded.  one interesting item to note about the met- the entry fee posted is the "suggested admission" - you can actually pay what you would like.  all of the permanent collections here are really interesting.  i also really enjoyed some of the photography special exhibitions.  zach enjoyed having some time to sketch.
the photo below is in the egyptian wing.
these statues i think are from cyprus.  they are some of the few that still have noses!