Tuesday, November 6, 2007

and the move continues

and we're cleaning... and boxing... and hauling. So far, we've taken one truck and one load in the fit home to our parents' "storage" facility. One large load has gone to the Goodwill, and there should be another today.

At least next time we move, we should have about 1/4 the stuff to deal with! Its amazing how much stuff begins to accumulate after a while. The trouble is, we don't take the time to examine our priorities until we are moving. And then its exhausting!

So the kitties are totally freaked out by the move, Dot has spent most of the weekend underneath the bed. Dash has the opposite reaction, and has become really clingy. Anytime anyone sits down, he is in their lap, seeking comforting snuggles. I keep telling them this chaos is almost over. They just have to make it through a little bit more.

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Robin said...

Hi Guys! We need your new email and NYC address!
Could you send us a quick note! Good luck with everything! Renato and I can't wait to visit.

The Newlyweds,