Tuesday, November 13, 2007

how many architects does it take to pack a u-haul?

Monday through Wednesday were spent packing our stuff and getting rid of those things not necessary. This included a large deposit for recycling, of a magazine backlog of four or five years, two trips to Goodwill, and lots of giving things away. Not to mention the trips to the trash cans. It seemed that every time we turned around, we had somehow accumulated more trash! And yet, amazingly, we fit almost everything into our ten foot u-haul truck. Zach’s mom and dad came by on Wednesday to help us make our way through the last items of packing and cleaning. They also drove the fit, full of one last load of storage, home to Covington. The one thing we weren’t able to fit was the guitar, but the cats will be grateful for the reprieve. We finished up with all of the packing around 11 on Wednesday night, and slept in the living room on the floor, ready to get up early on Thursday morning, to set out before the sun comes up. The cats are totally confused about what is going on, they are seeking refuge on my coat in the middle of the floor. I can’t remember the last time they curled up together like this, they must really be concerned about what could possibly be going on.

Dash also seems to be concerned that we don't forget to pack him. He doesn't seem to suspect that he will soon be drugged and in a cat carrier for a long ride!

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