Monday, June 29, 2009

best dot photo

After taking photos on the high line, I wanted to shoot around the house a little bit, since I don't use my nice digital camera nearly enough. I took this of dot sitting on the desk today. I love the depth of the color in her eyes, and her stately pose.
This is a funny one of dash too. The perspective cracks me up.

who has the hardest job in our family?


Sunday, June 28, 2009

close up cats

i thought that we needed a few kitty photos today. Dot is sitting with me, getting her ears scratched. she loves that. she's still not so much of a lap sitter, but she will hang out on her terms.
Dash on the other hand is a big snuggley kitty. He is currently sitting on my lap jamming himself in front of my book. This happens often.

walking on the high line, yeah.

Saturday afternoon Zach and I went for a walk on the newly open high line. There is only one entrance point, so to get there we walked along the route on the street for a while. This is The Standard Hotel, it spans over the high line, with a restaurant at its base.
After waiting in a bit of a line (!) we walked along the paths.
I love the layers in this photograph of the meetpacking district with the new buildings.
Then... a storm began to roll in quickly. There is a tiered seating area with a large glass bridge looking over the street. In this photo the seating and building behind are the reflection superimposed over the storm clouds. Looks very ominous!
We walked through the rest of the high line quickly, as we could see the storm clouds coming. It started to rain as we were walking down the exit stairs, and then it started pouring! We took refuge under some scaffolding, our umbrella just didn't stop the driving rain! The storm blew over after 15 min or so, and then we met some friends for dinner at a bbq restaurant at chelsea.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a very rotten kitty

dash was sleeping next to me the other day, being totally lazy, and I noticed that his big vampire tooth was sticking out. 
then i decided to bother him, which he did not like.  he's a bit like a grumpy child.  can't you just hear the whining in his head?  "awwww.... leave me aloneeeeee....i want to sleeeeeeppppp......"  
since i was bothering him, I thought it might be entertaining to see how dash would look with glasses.  :)  doesn't he look clever?