Friday, November 16, 2007

shopping / errands

doesn't the word errands sound so much more official than shopping? while zach spent the day at work, my day was filled with running throughout the city. i started off with a second trip to the dmv, license express. this time i was actually able to get my new york driver's license. hooray! i made it through the process in a record hour and a half. next, it was off to mood (as seen on project runway.) all i have to say is wow. no sightings of Tim Gunn, but definitely an absolutely amazing assortment of fabrics. the next stop was the muji opening in soho. i had a little confusion about the opening time, because the website said noon and the store sign said 10am, so when i arrived at 11:30, i was pleased to find it was already open. the store was jam-packed with shoppers and media. apparently i don't look interesting, because no one decided to interview me. the store is awesome, i kept walking through and thinking "this is exactly what i have been looking for!" i did manage to leave with only a few things, but i plan to take another trip back before too long. on the way back home, i made a few additional stops. after a quick lunch at the apartment, i decided to attempt to do some laundry. the closest laundromat is two blocks and one avenue over, so i heaved my new laundry bag, filled to the brim, over my shoulder. i've decided that i should give the laundromat a try before i succumb to the laundry service just outside our door. so far, i think i can do a few more trips, but we'll see what kind of experience laundry on the weekend is. i'm willing to bet that will be a whole different story. so, laundry is complete, and i now i'm back home again. its time for some portfolio work, and then i'll have to figure out what we'll be eating for dinner. life is just full of choices. :)

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renato said...

Wow, you guys have been very busy. Zach is working already? Hey, did you see his evil twin brother on the latest Project Runway show? Yeah, that guy with the rooster hair + a big come over. Pretty funny. Hope the job hunting is going well and SHOP is treating you well. We'll check in to see what the latest Zack/Jennifer news is from New York,