Thursday, November 29, 2007

exploring the vertical

the cats have decided that our apartment is too small. they are continuing to look for places to hide, and apparently that means on top of the cabinets. we have some boxes on top of the cabinets, since we are also looking to the vertical dimension for storage. then dot is on top of there. i think she likes being able to watch over everything.
while waiting for kinkos to do some book binding for me, i decided to take a walk today and check out the tree at rockefeller center. last night was the tree lighting ceremony. we decided to watch that from the couch, where it was warm. the tree is using led lights this year, to promote green choices. the weird thing is that the blue lights stand out more than others, so it actually gives the tree a weird look.

today while walking back home it started to rain. then i ran into someone on the sidewalk. yes. i literally ran into them. you know that weird situation where you're walking towards someone, and you have that funny little exchange where neither of you can figure out which way to go? this wasn't that. instead, we both picked the same way and neither of us would back down. and then we ran directly into each other. it was very, very weird.i took a walk through the time warner center to escape the rain, and see what stores were actually in the building. the holiday decorations are definitely up in new york, and everyone seems to be doing some serious holiday shopping. this photo was taken from the second floor of the time warner center, looking through the lobby onto central park south.

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