Thursday, April 30, 2009

another leed ap!

zach took his LEED professional accreditation exam this morning and passed!  (i am a proud wife) :)  so, now we have two LEED AP's in our household.  now if those lazy cats would just take some initiative....

Friday, April 24, 2009

latest cat model, lcd optional

this morning dash was laying upside down on my lap, as he likes to do.  i was checking the weather on my iphone, and put it momentarily on his tummy.  apparently, he was cool with it.  i think he looks a little bit like a high-tech version of a cat- lcd screen optional... :)  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

muppets in the subway!

a few weeks ago zach and i were heading home on the train- and made a transfer at atlantic ave/pacific st.  on our walk through the station to the R train, we came across my favorite subway performers yet!  a pink gorilla and a big blue character, somewhat reminiscent of cookie monster were playing a large upright bass and a xylophone!  
so awesome because not only are they wearing super costumes- but 
also playing huge instruments! you know, you just don't see many 
xylophone players these days...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whoah, is that a pinkstone?

i often walk by this house- it is only about two blocks from my apartment.  i'm not really sure why it is pink.  it always makes me smile though.  i think it would be funny when you are ordering delivery food or telling friends how to get there for the first time.  you know, its the first pink house on the left.  :)
i read on the gothamist that the owner is a 90 year old man who painted the house in 1968.  

library at pratt

In addition to studying at home for my architecture exams, i have been doing a little library studying.  the library at Pratt Institute has several of the books that I need, so in the spirit of frugality- i have been reading there.  the library is so pretty.  i love the glass floors.  it is also really cool because the stacks extend between the floors- so you can glimpse down between the books into the floor below.  in other interesting tidbits- there is a pen machine.  i suspect that it does not work- but is still very cool.  

study buddies

i have been studying for the ARE- the Architecture Registration Exam.  There are 7 tests to take under the new version of the test.  The kitties think that they should help with the studying.  Dot especially likes to lay across my notes when i am sitting at the desk.  sheesh.