Friday, November 23, 2007

blowing up the balloons

the balloons are blown up the night before the thanksgiving day parade on the upper west side. we thought that we would swing by and check this out on wednesday evening. in my typical naivety i thought we could just walk up and check out the balloons, with no trouble. i figured the whole thing would probably take about a half an hour. wrong. the nice weather had brought out everyone's curiosity about the balloons, and the line reached about five blocks on the west side of the street, and then five blocks back down the east side of the street! you can see in the picture how the sidewalks were absolutely filled with people!

the balloons were definitely awesome. we liked this funny photo where it looks like ronald mcdonald is eating the world. there was one more avenue with balloon inflation, but we figured that one was probably enough!
check out these facts about the parade balloons:'s_Thanksgiving_Day_Parade#Balloons

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