Tuesday, November 13, 2007

five floors, one full truck: unloading

After the drive into the city and finally figuring out where to park (do you know the difference between no parking, no standing, and no standing?) we met our super to get the keys and copy of our lease. I was able to take a few loads of oddly packed things and the kitties up before the movers arrived. To help minimize the stress on the cats, I shut them in the bathroom. They didn’t need to be exposed to all of that commotion, or even worse, be able to escape.

When we took the movers to where our truck was parked, the look of horror was not promising. We also had to park around the corner, as the only available space on our block was at a bus stop- a sure way of getting a ticket. The move was rather uneventful, just lots of ups and downs. All I can say is that I am glad we hired people to help. I can’t even count the number of trips up our five flights of stairs I made, and I wasn’t carrying the heavy stuff. I figured that I would help with the more fragile and oddly packed items. We quickly learned that movers prefer boxes. They did not seem to appreciate my laundry baskets filled with last minute, miscellaneous items. They worked hard though, and amazingly finished in the two hours that we had hired them for. And in the end, we had one very full apartment, two confused kitties, and still had to return the u-haul. Did I mention that it was now about 4pm and we hadn’t eaten since our stop at 7-11 that morning? But since we weren’t supposed to be parking, only unloading, we needed to return the u-haul immediately.

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