Tuesday, February 5, 2008

soho shopping

this weekend, we started out in soho to do a little shopping at best buy and muji. we ended up exploring through the area, and walked from west 4th and 6th ave, down through soho, back up lafayette, turned around at astor place/ cooper union, and then back down through soho to muji. in our wandering, we came across the new musuem...
this weirdly proportioned building... (doesn't it look like it should be wider?)i got this neat booklet of walks through the city . its 50 cards, each with a different city walk map, and facts about the area. we thought this would be a neat way for us to see new things and also pick up handy facts along the way.

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John said...

how was the museum? please add it to the iternary for when i come to visit.

old friend