Sunday, February 24, 2008

snow in central park

the last couple of weeks have been busy- lots of work... so not a lot of blog posts. this friday we were very excited to wake up to snow having fallen overnight. this is what we got up to on friday morning... the great thing about friday snow is that it was still around for saturday! we thought we would take a walk in the park on saturday morning, so we went to bouchon bakery in columbus circle for a little coffee and some pastries. zach got a demi baguette, and i got a small pistachio and cherry brioche. although zach was sure it would have been better if the cherries were replaced with chocolate, i thought it was absolutely amazing. the park was beautiful- and even better- the paths had been scraped so we could walk through without getting our feet wet! its so amazing to walk though the park in the snow, its sometimes hard to believe that you're still in the middle of the city. this part of the park is called the mall, its one of our favorite places. oh, and watch out for the vampire snowman. he's very frightening.

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