Monday, January 28, 2008

strands of macaroni

this weekend after zach recuperated from his trip to los angeles, we took a little trip down to nyu area/ the east village. we did a little window shopping/ browsing through several stores... but amazingly i went to both dsw and filene's basement and did not buy a thing! how is it that living in new york i buy less clothes? this photo is walking up the stairs at strand books. somehow we also went to strand and zach didn't buy a book! what the heck is going on here? :)

we followed up our little walk with an excessive amount of macaroni and cheese at s'mac. it was delicious, they had so many options to choose from! next time, however, i think we'll be splitting a dish- there is actually such a thing as too much macaroni and cheese. maybe next weekend we'll head to peanut butter and co, to indulge in another comfort food restaurant.

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