Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday

super tuesday was a very odd day. i voted this morning, at my neighborhood polling place. the voting booths are the old school ones where you pull the lever. this was new- i have only voted on the computer voting stations before. for some reason i also decided to answer the questions of the person conducting interviews outside. that was a bit of a disaster, unfortunately i was not at my most articulate this morning...
then the train was delayed slightly... due to the parade traffic. yes. the giants parade downtown was also this morning. this meant that a ton of people were filling the streets and screaming all morning and afternoon today. zach was able to watch the parade from the top of his office. all i saw was the police barricade when i went to meet him for lunch.
it was actually pretty cool to watch all of the excitement. far down the street was a big projection screen, although you can't really see it in this photo. the parade started at south street seaport, and ended at city hall. we did see some people jump on top of a taxi, which was rather crazy! my favorite thing from the day was the t-shirt slogan "18 wins, one GIANT loss."

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