Saturday, November 15, 2008

spaceship? in central park

three weekends ago we went to central park on sunday to visit the chanel mobile pavilion- an art installation in a "building" designed by zaha hadid.  zach had gotten passes weeks ago, which was fantastic.  i would not have wanted to wait in the standby line- it was extremly long, and slow moving.  the leaves were just starting to change in the park, and we walked to the pavilion through the mall.  this is my favorite part of the park- the one you always see in movies with the benches along the side and the promenade through the middle.  it was especially beautiful with the leaves.  i miss the mountains in the fall- but between the parks and the street trees in brooklyn, the fall is still beautiful in the city.  the pavilion was interesting- you were led through slowly- first by the staff and then by the audio track.  i didn't love the art- but it was overall an interesting exhibit.  

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