Sunday, June 1, 2008

a "moving" experience

well, we've moved again. we have been super busy with work, finding an apartment, and moving. now we're totally settled in- in brooklyn! we moved to park slope two weeks ago- to a fantastic little place that even has a backyard. the building is very nice, and the super really is super. today we got a grill. just like everything in the city- this was more difficult than it should have been. i had the crazy idea of buying a grill from a friend of a friend- a fantastic deal- but how to get it home? so zach and i pulled it home- from one and a half miles away. needless to say- we were exhausted when we got home. and then we had to get propane! about four hours later we were finally able to make delicious hamburgers.

brooklyn is fantastic. our neighborhood is so beautiful, the people are friendly, and the commute is nearly the same to work. and, best of all, we have enough space. we took this panoramic photo the weekend we moved in. there is not a skylight- the photos pieced together weirdly.
you can see that the kitties love the new apartment too. they have two windows to watch the birds and the squirrels- which provides hours of entertainment. we even got a harness and leash for them so that we can safely go outside to the backyard. dash loves to sit and just watch everything. dot on the other hand, thinks we are trying to kill her by taking her outside. she is absolutely terrified. so, needless to say, dot hasn't been outside very much. we are trying to help her calm down a bit about it- but so far it isn't working well.

the cats also seem to think that we have set up a racetrack, that ends on the bed. the problem is that race time seems to occur at sunrise- so it is not very well received by the sleeping humans in the house. fortunately, tiring the cats out at night with crazy playtime seems to help everyone sleep through the night.

more photos to follow, i have a deadline at the end of the week. after that hopefully things will slow down again for a while. at least summer hours start for me this week- woo hoo!

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John said...

congrats on the new apartment and grill. Place looks great! (but alittle wider than i remember...)