Friday, August 1, 2008

the fourth... of august?

i apologize for being a delinquent blogger. i found these photos on the digital camera and realized that i never posted them online.

for the fourth of july, we decided to brave the crowds and watch the big macy's fireworks display. we headed down to the brooklyn heighs promenade, overlooking lower manhattan and the brooklyn bridge around 6 pm. somhow luck was with us, and we managed to find a bench seat. which was a good thing, as the fireworks didn't start until 9:30.
so we settled in with our books and picnic dinner to wait it out. from the photos you can also see one of the waterfalls, by olafur eliassonthe crowd continued to fill in the gaps until there was nearly no room to walk. it did start to rain just before the fireworks began, but tapered off during the big show. the fireworks were unbelievable. we realized that we never thought much of fourth of july fireworks - more that it was a time to have a big family cookout and shoot off bottle rockets and sparklers. from our seats, the barge was directly in front of us, and our seats shook with each firework. the show just went on and on- with appearances by all of my favorite fireworks. i really like the ones that whistle. i also read that there were orange fireworks as part of the display- which supposedly are unusual.

so- all in all a fantastic display. another thing to check off the list. although- definitely not a place to go if you dislike crowds and noisy children. :)

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