Saturday, March 29, 2008

another visitor braves the city

last weekend zach's mom, shannon came to visit. i am starting to think that we are going to develop a reputation at home of torturing our visitors. like my parents, shannon also claimed that we tried to walk her to death! we promise we aren't trying to do this- we really do just walk a lot!

we had a very busy three days, before easter weekend. we visited all of the touristy spots, as shannon had not been to new york before. we are still trying to get a good list of places to take visitors. unfortunately, we only see the city on the weekend, so we're still building our repertoire.

one of the best things we did was visit the top of the rock. zach and i had been to the empire state building before, when we visited the city in eighth grade. so, we wanted to try something different. other than the jerk of an elevator operator, who was unnecessarily rude, the experience was terrific. there was virtually no line at sunset, and the views are terrific. because it is located further uptown than the empire state building, it also has full views of the park. i love to see the city at night too, with all of the lights. we could almost see our apartment, but there was a big, ugly building in the way. oh well.

i think that shannon's favorite thing would probably have been the shopping. century 21 was a big hit, and we didn't even make it past the first floor. we also went to canal street, in search of bargains.

so, come visit us, it will be fun!

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