Saturday, March 29, 2008

to market, to market

we visited chelsea market for sunday brunch, the day after our trip to the guggenheim. this is an interesting place: home of the food network, as well as some interesting specialty stores.

i love to take the bus on the weekend, when there is less traffic. its a great way to see where you are going, instead of just arriving from underground. so, we took the bus straight down ninth avenue to 14th street.

we ate at the ronnybrook dairy- a "milk bar" for some delicious eggs and a great "chocolatte". this wonderful beverage is a latte made with chocolate milk. it took quite a long time to make up our minds that this was where we wanted to eat- there were so many delicious options.
we then visited the manhattan fruit exchange for some delicious fresh produce. this made an excellent addition to dinner on sunday night. i think my new favorite veggie (other than potatoes of course) is carrots. fresh, sweet, steamed carrots cut on an angle, and with just a bit of sugar. mmmmm...

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