Tuesday, January 1, 2008

while not at work...

zach and i had the week off for the holidays, and had a nice time in the city. for new year's eve we decided to go ice skating at bryant park. the line was super long, but the skating was fun. it is a similar experience to skating on railroad tracks full of people! we also walked over to grand central station to check out the light show and the christmas train display in the transit museum. we discovered that this is where they sell the credit card sized subway maps, but unfortunately they were sold out. oh well, we'll check back another day.
this is one of the many christmas tree stands in the city. you can see the remnants of snow on the street too.
i made chocolate chip cookies on christmas eve, i thought that i would test out the kitchen, and do a little baking. the cookies turned out well, i don't think i can remember the last time i made cookies from scratch. we had a nice quiet christmas day at the apartment opening presents and making breakfast and a roast for dinner. dash enjoyed helping assembling the muji storage containers.
my family came to visit at the end of the week. we walked around the typical city sites, and then went to moma's free friday nights, to show them some of the modern art galleries. on saturday, we stood in line at tkts to get half price tickets to Mamma Mia. (featuring the music of abba) the show was good, there is one scene where the guys are wearing wetsuits and dancing in flippers which is hillarious!
new year's was a fun time, hanging out with friends. unfortunately our firework view was blocked by buildings, but we still had the countdown. at 2am we went to a les savy fav show at the bowery ballroom which was excellent. i didn't really know what to anticipate, but it was quite a show. we managed to get home after five am, we took the subway, which was still bustling even at that time. we had decided to avoid the crowds of times square, and steer clear of that area for the whole day! (i also had an exciting afternoon of doing laundry before all this.)happy 2008!

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Engineer said...

I think the new title of the blog should be (two architects, two cats, one tiny apartment) + big city.