Tuesday, March 10, 2009

snow? what snow?

As did most of the east coast, we got a lot of snow last week.  I think that in Brooklyn, we had between 10 and 12 inches!  The photo above is taken from the front door of our apartment building during the snow.  And then on Saturday... it was 65 degrees!  Zach and I (and the rest of Park Slope) decided to spend Saturday outdoors, since everyone was excited about the "end" of winter.  We went for a very long walk in Prospect Park, determined to see parts of the park we hadn't been to before.  Below is a photo from the Audobon Center/ Boathouse.  This area is very pretty, although I think it will be much more so when the trees have their leaves.  Note the shirtless dude in the lower left corner of the photo.  
We also came upon two swans builing a nest in the marshes.  It was so fantastic to watch!   Just a little bit of nature right in the middle Brooklyn! 

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