Tuesday, December 30, 2008

let it snow...

last week we had a little bit of snow.  i was like a small child sitting at my desk watching the snow come down, and announcing to the rest of the office the size of the snowflakes.  In the city- the snow quickly turned to mush, much to my dissappointment.  I really really hate cold wet feet from walking through inches of slush.  Fortunately, our backyard in Brooklyn did not melt.  On last Saturday morning, we took Dash outside to checkout the snow.  As much as he loves going outside, I think that he was thoroughly confused about the snow.  He also seemed to dislike the feeling of cold, wet feet!  
i also snapped a photo of the snow in city hall park.   The park is closed on the weekend, so all of the snow remained untouched.  So pretty.  :)

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