Sunday, September 21, 2008

brooklyn botanic garden

Zach spent the end of the week and the weekend in Virginia. He was at Virginia Tech on Thursday and Friday, and went home for the rest of the weekend. I decided to go check out the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, since it was such a beautiful weekend. Although most plants were not in full bloom, the garden is still beautiful. I stumbled across the start of a tour, so I followed along with that. Now, I think that I will have to return in May when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
This is the Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope, I took this photo on my walk up to the Botanic Garden.
This fountain is at the north entrance to the park, off Eastern Parkway. This is in the Osborne Garden, and is flanked by whispering benches.

The Japanese garden has a viewing pavilion overlooking the pond. This was the first Japanese garden to be created in an American public garden.

One of my favorite things in the Japanese garden is the turtles on the turtle rock. They all look like they are enjoying this beautiful day!

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