Sunday, April 4, 2010

that's right, we moved again!

Last weekend we moved again to another park slope apartment. This apartment actually used to belong to good friends of our's who moved to Vermont, so its funny to see all of our stuff in here! Zach has a really busy schedule the next several weeks, so we decided to go ahead and move last weekend, while we had a (semi)free weekend. We actually went to a wedding on Saturday night after moving in the morning, but it turned out to be a welcome break from boxes!
Its odd to move less than 10 blocks, and it turns out that its as much as moving across states. We hired movers, which is always a huge help. We are always amazed how much stuff that we have once its all in boxes. Even the movers commented on that!
this is our new sunny living room. The couch on the right is our new one, and the one near the windows used to belong to our friends. We are using it for now, since there is room. The color isn't quite right though, so we won't keep it.
this is our sunny new bedroom. the restaurant next door sends smells of delicious bacon wafting in on weekend mornings. zach hopes this will help me want to eat more brunch foods and less cereal.
the kitties are adapting well. there are lots of things for them to watch out the windows, which is quite entertaining. they were stressed out at first- as usual, but i think they have fully adapted. This afternoon I opened up the windows to enjoy the nice weather, and the new noises seem to be a little bit startling for the cats!

happy easter!

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