Monday, February 16, 2009

a brief trip to virginia

i spent the last week in blacksburg- doing a workshop and lecture at the architecture school. it was nice to be back in blacksburg- although so much has changed since i was there last. i stayed with heather, which was a lot of fun. it was a bit intimidating to give the lecture- i know that i sounded very nervous. but- i think the whole thing was a good learning experience. on saturday, on our way back to the airport in roanoke- we stopped by the new taubman art museum. the best part about the museum is the way that it has regenerated the downtown area in roanoke. there were all sorts of people out and about- which was so nice to see. from an architectural point of view- there were definitely several things i would have done differently- but i am always looking at buildings from a super critical point of view. it was just so nice to see people out in the city- and interested in both the building and the art inside. the exhibits were pretty good too. there was a special photography exhibit that i really enjoyed.

the first photo is looking along the entry. the second is from the balcony inside, through the lobby space- back towards roanoke. i really liked the layering of views from inside the musuem. this last photo is from down the street. this building seems to be currently being renovated- but i loved the rainbo bread door handle.

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