Sunday, January 25, 2009

brunch in williamsburg

this morning we met some friends for brunch in williamsburg at moto.  the place is very cute- full of neat little industial fixtures.  
 while waiting, we had americanos- which were fantastic.  zach had the ham and cheese eggs, and i had the house eggs with tomato sauce.  they were both really good.   we rarely go to this part of brooklyn because it is really a pain to get there from park slope.  although it is less than 4 miles away by car- our train trip took over 45 minutes!  we had to take the R train into manhattan and transfer to the J train at canal street- to head back over the williamsburg bridge into brooklyn again!  it is so odd that it should be so difficult to get somewhere that is really so close.  we could take a car service- but we are cheapos.  :)   

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