Wednesday, December 5, 2007

o christmas tree

today, i decided to work on a craft project in between interview stuff. i had this idea for a christmas tree wall hanging, but couldn't find anything online that was what i was looking for. so, i drew up a pattern this morning, and using fabric i had already, i made a tree and ornaments. i decided to hand quilt the whole thing, to give it more texture, which ended up taking much longer than originally anticipated! using ribbons, i hung the tree on the metal gate over our window. now all we need are presents! (and lights). in this photo it looks a bit like we live in jail. i think this photo would look better if taken during the day.

oh... and i accepted a job offer today. i think i start monday! so, this is my last few days before i return to the real world.

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John said...

Beth and i have a wall hung x-mas tree too!! crazy! though not a fancy quilt like yours, ours is a big piece of green felt. I'll send you guys pictures. Talk to you soon, Happy Holidays.