Sunday, October 28, 2007

the new apartment

After a weekend in Richmond, and a weekend in Knoxville for our friend Lisa's wedding, we're back in the city to find an apartment. I want to wait to get a job until we have moved, because I want to take my time. The culture of a firm is very important, and I don't think this is a decision to be rushed in to. That being said, apparently people in New York don't want to rent you an apartment if you don't have a job. Go figure. Fortunately, we stumble across a 6 month lease with a landlord who is a bit more flexible. And then, just like that, we have an apartment in New York.

Twice the rent and less than half the size, but its still awesome!

We measure and photograph the space carefully. We'll model the space and our furniture so that we can plan what we can take. All I know at this point is, we'll be getting rid of a whole lot of stuff.

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